Hotel Sans Whiteboard

May 10, 2008

We are in between lifestyles. En route to Utah, we are living in a hotel sans whiteboard. The penthouse view of the gardens is outstanding.


For more photos of penthouse suite 

Craig cannot be stopped. Every morning in our discussion, he is compelled to illustrate his ideas on his makeshift whiteboard—a small sketch pad. We discuss a variety of topics—our joint projects, individual projects, new ideas, industry news, current events, dinner plans, etc. Most importantly, Craig speaks his critical ideas. Invariably, from these topics new whiteboard sketches are generated.

These discussions help me tremendously to understand what he is talking about—one rule is that he must speak in English. The geek-speak must be interpreted and understood before we can move forward. During this process, we define and develop lexicon for educating our audiences. We generate distinctions for misinformation. We explore metaphors to help explain, and we repeat it until it all begins to make sense. Along with the explanations, comes an outflow of his sketches.

Yesterday’s Abstraction Layer drawing was particularly helpful for a few of our current project discussions. This same drawing has been on the boards a myriad of times. In yesterday’s discussion, it was new all over again. Check it out…

Craig’s Whiteboard Talk 05/09/08


One Response to “Hotel Sans Whiteboard”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Is that truly what you see when you look out the window? It is so COOL!!!

    Er, not that I would necessarily want it set up next to my house. But as passing scenery…



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