The Lovely Potato

June 3, 2008

Today, I am celebrating the lovely potatoMmMm! Finally, even the United Nations loves the potato. The whole world celebrates this wonderful “fruit of the gods.”

I have allowed potatoes to flourish in my garden in the past and will definitely welcome them in the future. All that is necessary is to cut up an untreated potato and drop it in fertilized dirt.

The-Lovely-PotatoWater it from time to time (depending on your climate). Simple!

Check on the size of the tubers/roots/potatoes once in a while and begin harvesting as soon as you see something of edible size. You will have potatoes, potatoes, and more potatoes.

And, they come in all shapes and sizes and they are good for you, too!

Any garden spot or type of container will work–I’ve re-purposed an old five gallon plastic bucket with a few holes poked in the bottom. I contain them, otherwise they sprawl over the underbelly of the garden. And, unless you want potatoes for all of your friends and relatives, I suggest the bucket.

I love potatoes. In just about any form. I have been disappointed in the past to learn that raw potatoes are not that good for us, because of the starch. But, otherwise, ENJOY!!!


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