Palin? Please…

September 4, 2008

I am frightened to the core that too many women will just blindly vote for the vagina, not realizing what it will mean for themselves, but especially for their children or grandchildren. On the surface, she presents a pretty good story if one is not listening too rigorously. But there’s the rub—its surface. I was very distracted during her speech by her demeanor and her very odd facial expressions. She is either knowingly lying through her teeth and is unconsciously covering them with her beautiful lips, or maybe she is stifling her glee at being in the moment. “Hey, look at me, I’m so cool.” Or, perhaps she was simply suppressing a fart.

I was aghast when the Fox news reporter said Palin has international experience because she lives next to Russia. I nearly fell off my chair!!! That’s like saying she’s a good swimmer because Alaska has a coastline. Would a person have to fail an IQ test to work at Fox news?

Palin has only been out of the country on one occasion, to visit some troops, And, she had to get her first-ever passport to do that.  This does not constitute executive international experience.

However, if her story were valid, I think she would be a better president than McCain! She fired the cook and the chauffeur and sold the private jet. Good Girl! This does not qualify her to run the US.

I thought it was too precious when the young girl (name?) licked her hand then smoothed Trig’s hair on national TV.

When we were watching the speech last night, my eleven year-old grand daughter looked at me and said, “Grama, is she for real?” Of course, she is voting for Obama.

How old is Bristol’s boyfriend anyway. I hope he’s is also underage, or the Governor is aiding and abetting.


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