A letter I sent this morning to BarackObamadotcom

September 6, 2008

I am  female, married, 9 grandchildren, small business owner.

I’m very disappointed with our current leadership as are many Americans. I have felt abandoned by those who should be leading our country to greatness. I have felt that we are all on our own–each of us–for too long now.

For the first time in a very long time, I am feeling hopeful. I hope the Obama administration can do even a part of what Obama is saying. If all he does is separate us from the destructive actions of the republican party, I will be content. If the Obama administration actually changes the US Executive leadership tactics and strategies and therefore US influence in the world for my grandchildren, I will be happy!

I don’t have health care, I am sacrificing that to help put my grandchildren through college. They are my hope for the future of their communities. The young people of the United States deserve the opportunities promised by our great constitution. Please, don’t let them down. Don’t toss them aside–this most fabulous and unlimited resource. Lead our country to greatness ! ! !

Judith Burton, United States Citizen and Registered Voter


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