Life is Cheap in Some Places

September 18, 2008

This is a no brainer. Almost anybody with a computer can Save a Life for $10.00. I saw Rick Reilly on the Stephen Colbert Show. He explained that Nothing But Nets is a program to distribute and install mosquito nets for children who are most certainly exposed to malaria.

They say a child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. I say that doesn’t work. And, its completely unnecessary. With such a simple and inexpensive resolution, its about time to stop this killer—once and for all.

Rick helped kick start Nothing But Nets with the United Nations Foundation in March. Read about Rick Reilly

You too can buy Buzzkill t-shirts like the one Rick gave to Stephen.

Did you know you too can join Rick Reilly’s Nothing But Nets Netraiser Team that has raised more than $163,000 to send bed nets to Africa? To learn more about how Rick Reilly got involved, read the Sports Illustrated article that started it all.

Please, click and give at least $10.00 to Save a Life.  And, share this with others. You can start your own community/family group to raise awareness and funds. I wish everything were this easy.


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