If You Don’t Like it, Don’t Do It…

November 14, 2008

What happened to the separation between church and state? How is it okay for a religious organization to throw their cash and influence toward adjusting the law to fit their beliefs and practices?

It is not within the practices, rights and freedoms outlined in the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence to force ones religious beliefs on others. In this country, we have the right to practice our religious and moral beliefs without interference from anyone including the government.

Individuals have the right to belong to a group, and live the lifestyle of that group if they so choose—as long as it does no harm to others. For instance, The KKK can do what they do–protected by law– until they get caught harming others.

Members of a group have the right to speak their mind about those beliefs and even try to convert others to join and submit to the group’s beliefs and practices.

However, those rights end at the edge of another’s personal space. A person, a group, a religious organization, a civil organization, government, government service, a military organization, or any other entity does not have rights over any US citizen to stop or limit that citizen in their pursuit of happiness—as long as that citizen is not causing harm to another’s person, family, business or property by that pursuit.

How could it possibly harm anyone if others want to engage in same sex marriage? How could it hurt me or my family? Let’s see… Would two other people pursuing their happiness by being in a same sex marriage damage my ability to generate income? I really can’t see how this could occur. Could it hurt my own happiness in my own relationships—marriage, family, friends, business, reputation—I can’t see how. On an even more obscure note, could having a same sex marriage in the neighborhood damage property values? Of course, not!

I have really thought about this, a lot. How could it hurt anyone if we—as a community, no matter our personal beliefs—simply embraced people loving each other and wanting to share their happiness with each other in a secure marital relationship? Does allowing others to find their own happiness go against the constitution or the other documents mentioned above? How could the legal implications of a same sex relationship harm anyone? For instance; visitation rights, insurance benefits, ownership, and others.

Same sex marriage is a legal issue not a religious issue. The main reasons marriages often take place in churches is because a church is usually the largest, cheapest, weather proofed, and most esthetically pleasing space available in many communities. In many communities, every event is tied to the local church for many of these same reasons. It doesn’t make every event a religious one. Some basketball players may disagree with this theory.

Please, help me understand if there is any real harm to anyone in same sex marriage. If this is not explainable, then please, put down your signs and back away. Laisser moi et mes amis tranquilles.


2 Responses to “If You Don’t Like it, Don’t Do It…”

  1. jodimardesich Says:

    thanks for being a thinking woman. and for getting over the culture of being offended and defensive when someone disagrees with you. that’s all i’m getting over here for being public about my decision to leave the church.

    thanks for encouraging discussion and debate. it’s how we learn.


    if you didn’t see my screed, it’s at aseriesofsmallfailures.wordpress.com

  2. joshcarr6 Says:

    Great post

    let me try to introduce another perspective. I agree completely with many of the arguments you made about it not having an impact on my life so why should I care. This post (not by a mormon but by an MIT student) changed my perspective on the issue.


    There is also a bunch of stuff I have read recently about conservative consistent population growth being a requirement of viable civilizations and economies. very interesting – if populations grow to fast or too slow the country goes to crap. Most 3rd world are too fast and Japan and Europe are having awful times because it has been too slow.

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