What are we waiting for?

December 6, 2008

“We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.” – Kristen Wolff

I haven’t yet succeeded in tracking the purpose for this quote, but I was very taken by it.

I continue to express my passion about a bouquet of scattered topics. My blog is a great outlet for that. My intention is to cause people to stop worrying for a minute and just think. Think what each of us can do to be a cause for CHANGE! We all have our own  talents, passion, abilities, and skills. We can each use our own power to cause change. It can be something as simple as; stop gossip, stop making assumptions based on rumor, put an end to “slippery-slide” arguments that have no logic.

Become a thought leader. This doesn’t necessarily mean; stand at the podium speaking to the masses. This is a simple mental switch. Most often when our minds are buzzing, we are just worrying, silently gossiping, making judgments, cheating ourselves out of real breakthrough. When we are mentally solving a problem, then we are thinking. Thinking is what causes change. Thinking moves the world forward. Thinking will end hunger, war, ignorance, poverty, abuse, useless suffering of every kind and get the floor cleaned.

Think of a solution to a problem—big or small. Talk about it to others who are willing to think about solving problems. Think more. Then act on it.

Be a thought leader. Think.

We can each be the leader we are waiting for. jb


3 Responses to “What are we waiting for?”

  1. judithburton Says:

    My experience is that becoming a leader of change is more of an “emotional swith” than a mental switch. Thinking and talking can help but doing, acting in the smallest manner, will cause change in ones thoughts and words and the world immensely. Sending this comment to you is “doing” for me. And you posting your blog is doing for you. Thanks for your blog and your example. Jay Zwicky

  2. judithburton Says:

    The comment above was sent in an email to me, so I posted it here myself.

    I agree with the doing, that’s why I blog. jb

  3. craigburton Says:

    Great post sweetie. I would only add that until it is spoken, it isn’t real. Thinking is is one thing, speaking it gives it reality.

    Think. Speak. Act.

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