That’s all there is to it. Simple.

December 14, 2008


There are no logical or intelligent reasons to restrict gays from marrying. The reasons given by those speaking against it, are based on superstition and fear. That’s all there is to it. Simple. The whole argument about prop 8 is about to go away, but it will take courage, persistence and follow-through from all of us who support equal rights. Whenever there is a major change about to take place—a crisis—there will be great upheaval, with a lot of noise.

When I was a very young child, my white aunt gave up her seat on the bus to an elderly black woman. It made headlines. As a young woman, my parents had two gay neighbors that loved western dancing. I would go dancing with them, so they could each dance without being beaten to death. Today, I have two friends with mixed descent children. I have grandchildren of mixed heritage. As an adult, I have had many homosexual, black, American Indian, East Indian, as well as Italian, Irish, Czech, English, Russian, Serbian, and many other types of friends of varied heritage, occupational, religious, and social status. What’s the big deal. Each one is a person. Each one deserves respect. Each one deserves love. And, each one deserves the right to the pursuit of happiness, because this is who we are. We are Americans and we have agreed that if we are to live in this country we will treat each other with respect, and allow others to have their freedoms and equal rights. That’s who we are. That’s all there is to it. Simple. jb


2 Responses to “That’s all there is to it. Simple.”

  1. jodimardesich Says:

    I agree with you totally. I believe that when people have a problem with same-sex marriage, at the root, what they really have a problem with is homosexuality. and once that irrational prejudice is gone, there will be no argument against same sex marriage.

    love more, fear less.


  2. quorum208 Says:

    I guess we are all threatened by change, anything that requires the slightest stretch in trying understand and anything we don’t understand we fear. For instance I fear my new internet cell phone that I’m using to write this message with. I fear because I don’t understand it yet. I also have a feeling that this phone is gay and that it wants to marry my same-sex memory card but this doesn’t scare me. I think they are compatible but even if they aren’t it’s okay. I just hope they’re happy. Whether they become legally wed or not I don’t think my freedoms or my well being will be threatened. In fact, maybe my life will even be effected positively! I know the phone and the memory card love each other so if that love can be recognized…maybe there will be more communication…more photos and music…more art in my world!!! I hope they can legally wed. On the other hand my Bluetooth device is acting decidedly like a red-neck about the whole affair…I’ll have to keep an eye on that situation. I’ll keep you posted! Peace – Jay

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