March 4, 2009

Green-ism–the belief that responsible earth friendly practices will save the planet and thus our civilization. jb, 3/2009

I thought myself very clever to come up with the distinction “greenism.” This seemed clever for only a moment, however, until I realized others had probably thought of it before. So, I went right to Google to find the name of who should be credited for this brilliant distinction.

It seemed prudent to run a Google search. I was astounded to find the following distinction, or maybe I should say dis-stink-shun, because it’s a dis of so many fine citizens and contributors to our culture, which just stinks, and shuns entire classes of our community.

So, here it is, just as I found it at where you may go to vote for or against it.

greenism, when you hate all jews or gays or terrorists. when you are a real patriot of the USA. jew=gay=terrorist by Cole Glass

Talk about your terrorist… Some things and some people are so baffling to me at times; I can’t even find a place in my head to figure them out! Normally, I would think this the worst of tasteless sarcasm, making a joke of feeble thinkers. But, this time I am thinking, there is a person out there somewhere that I never want to meet. Please, Mother of all that is sacred, protect me from such gooey gray matter. “Pray with me. Can I get an Amen!?” I’m just sayin’.  jb


One Response to “Green-ism”

  1. jodimardesich Says:

    this makes no sense at all. why would someone trying to hijack the concept of green and turn it something hateful?

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