World Wide Women Need Help

March 4, 2009


Dear Friends,

It’s official: the International Criminal Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Sudan’s President Bashir.

Bashir could now face the full weight of international law. But he could also respond by lashing out more viciously than ever against Darfuri civilians.

In the critical coming days, we’ll pressure President Obama to ensure that Darfuris are protected and peace efforts are redoubled. And we’ll lean on world leaders to bring Bashir to justice. But, we can’t do it without you.

Give now and ensure we have maximum influence at this game-changing moment.

When the ICC prosecutor asked for an arrest warrant last summer, our urgent advocacy helped derail Khartoum’s effort to suspend the investigation. Now we must come together again and pressure world leaders to sideline Bashir and push for a lasting peace in Sudan.

The next few weeks could bring progress towards peace, or retaliatory violence from the government of Sudan. That’s why we need your support to help us expand our advocacy efforts at this critical juncture by:

  • Ensuring that the voices and stories of Darfuris like Basmat are heard through aggressive media and community outreach.

  • Lobbying the U.S. government and other members of the U.N. Security Council to ensure that Darfuri civilians are protected in the wake of the ICC decision.

  • Keeping the heat on President Obama to appoint an "owner," a Darfur point person with the stature, mandate and authority to stabilize the region.

For Darfuris who have endured rape and torture, who have seen their villages burned and their families terrorized, this moment represents enormous potential for progress. Now, at last, the world’s pre-eminent legal authorities are pursuing justice on their behalf.

We must capitalize on this moment—PLEASE MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY!


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