Project ChoixVert

April 22, 2009

Inspired by Kynetx Network Services, Azigo and the Information Card Foundation

By Judith Burton

Salt Lake City, Utah, April 20, 2009—The ChoixVert Information Card is the most significant use of technology for identifying eco-diligence on the Internet. Whenever I find a technology that will serve a cause I’m interested in, that’s when I get excited about technology. I am interested primarily in how to change the world, save the children, and protect women—things like that. The most important cause for me is a future of well-being for my grandchildren.

It’s incredibly important to leave the world a better place for having been here. Our grandchildren deserve a fertile earth, clean air, pure water and nothing less.

When I first heard what Kynetx was doing, I saw the possibilities for impacting a wide variety of social issues. Green or eco-diligence was the first to spring to mind. I asked for a card with the ability to identify companies with green practices and Phil Windley wrote the required rule set. Kynetx operates with the Azigo identity selector.

From my perspective this is why the Internet was invented. The Internet is the most accessible widespread exploration tool available. It’s a great equalizer providing information to vast audiences at a very individualized level. The Internet is a great dissemination tool that we can exploit for some of our most important interests, like the well-being of our planet.

Hundreds of thousands of entities on the Internet have green practices, but who would know it? When a user is looking at search results or a web site, it’s not immediately clear if the organization is green unless you have a ChoixVert Information Card–a green thumbprint shows up when you view a green company. You could visit UPS 50 times and never notice their green page about how very responsible UPS is. But if you have this card you will see on top of all the data, a green thumbprint. If you click on the thumb print, you get even more information. It’s very cool.

I was so inspired by what this could do, I wanted to expand the possibilities to identify many issues–Project ChoixVert was initiated.

It’s an odd name right? The name is a construct of the French phrase “to choose green.” In American English, it’s meant to be pronounced; schwa-vare. It’s easy to remember–“If you care, choixvert.” A French speaking person might laugh at this usage, but it works.

When Craig explained the idea, several other members of the ICF saw the possibilities and responded with ways they could participate in the Project. We will be announcing these relationships very soon.

It’s a natural fit for ICF. It’s clearly a way for the organization to foster identity selector ubiquity by featuring an information card that identifies green companies on the Internet. Not only does the ICF foster selector identity ubiquity, like many of us, they care deeply about the legacy we leave for our children and grandchildren. The excitement and passion that has come forth is very gratifying. I am so pleased at the response from all those involved, especially those who have volunteered to do the actual work to ignite Project ChoixVert.

The Information Card Foundation itself is socially responsible. They use the Internet for nearly all communications, keep travel to a minimum, and usually meet face-to-face only when they are already traveling to an essential meeting, like RSA. Of course, these measures lessen the carbon footprint.

Project ChoixVert was formed to cultivate social responsibility. The first technology implemented is the ChoixVert information Card. The design, availability, and services involved are all free to anyone who wants it. This is not a free trial, this is free. All of the companies providing the technology, distribution, data, storage, and advertising are all doing this voluntarily. Project ChoixVert is a non-profit organization funded by donations from socially responsible organizations and individuals. To learn more go to

It’s appropriate to be announcing the ChoixVert Information Card at RSA, because this week is Earth Day, on April 22. A safe and healthy earth is all we really need to leave our grand children. Why else do we exist? jb

–Judith Burton is Executive Director of Project ChoixVert. Living in the suburbs of Salk Lake City keeps her in touch with some of the things she loves the most; family and friends, the mountains, and the flourishing natural resources so readily available in Utah. Judith is a lifetime member of the Sierra Club and an active gardener. Burton is passionate about her life, family, and friends, and advocates for many human and earth-friendly issues.


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