I Have a Brain Cloud…

May 16, 2009

What is Steele hiding? Or, is he simply pointing to another subject to take Republicans’ minds off the fact that he RNC is completely out of touch with reality. The reality of what’s really worth our attention.

Just like Gingrich accusing Pelosi to take the focus off the torture perpetrators, Steele is trying to confuse republican voters by talking about how it will hurt everyone financially if we allow gay marriage. His words don’t even make sense. He needs some coaching to make his argument stronger. He needs better PR advice. He actually sounds deranged, even incoherent.

How can gay marriage cost taxpayers or small business. Am I  naive?  I don’t get it. Wouldn’t it be more sound business practice to have employees that are settled, secure, more socially confident. Wouldn’t employees be able to focus more easily on their jobs if they were married and had family benefits.

What might change if instead of campaigning for gay marriage, the entire community of those advocates could be freed up to advocate for saving Darfur, or education, or feeding the hungry?

Right now, instead of writing this blog, I might be working on educating children or I could be spending my energy advocating for a greener planet!!!

Note to RNC: Take the money being spent on these diversionary tactics and feed the children. JB


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